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We can now offer a full evaluation service for your glass, providing you with all the relevant information free of charge.

Information to include; year produced, colour, designer, and current market value. We also add any relevant surrounding information where possible.

Please use the contact us form to ask for a valuation.


We are often asked for certain items that people specifically collect, so due to popular demand we now offer a glass finder service, free of charge.

If you are looking for that last item to complete a set, or need something specific, we are happy to try to source the item for you at the many glass fairs and auctions we attend.

Please use the contact us form to make an enquiry to use our glass finder service.



We are passionate collectors and we are always looking to add to our huge private collection.

If you are thinking of selling your glass we would be happy to make you a very good offer if we think your item would add to our collection or one of our displays.

Please use the contact us form if you have an item you may wish to sell.

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